Monday, March 30, 2009

Excellent Exfoliating Brush for $5

Hello Beauty Junkies-

Every morning when I get in the shower and squirt a few drops of my facial cleanser onto my handy dandy exfoliating brush, I say to myself that I must blog about how much I love this simple yet extraordinary item. Well, I have finally remembered!

I bought this small, clear handled brush at Sephora for only $5. The salesperson told me it will be the best $5 I've ever spent. After using it now for several weeks, I have to say that she was right. I have fewer blackheads and my skin seems rosier and healthier.

Who needs to buy expensive battery-operated gizmos or scratchy scrubs to clear off dead skin when this little wonder will give you the glow you need!?! The bristles are super soft and made of nylon so they dry very quickly. Beats the heck out of a yucky, old washcloth too.

So, head on down to Sephora and check out this brush. Just be careful of all the other fun products calling your name as you walk by. Don't blame me if you walk out of Sephora spending a heck of a lot more than $5. I warned you! :-)

Have a beautiful day,
HP Girl
Beauty Reporter

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  1. Hey Kathy, I love the blog - a topic so close to every aspiring glamour girls heart. It's brilliant. Tough love time for all those pricey little treats in this climate so I look forward to trying out some of your tips. Great to see you hooking into google ads so quickly!!