Monday, March 30, 2009

Excellent Exfoliating Brush for $5

Hello Beauty Junkies-

Every morning when I get in the shower and squirt a few drops of my facial cleanser onto my handy dandy exfoliating brush, I say to myself that I must blog about how much I love this simple yet extraordinary item. Well, I have finally remembered!

I bought this small, clear handled brush at Sephora for only $5. The salesperson told me it will be the best $5 I've ever spent. After using it now for several weeks, I have to say that she was right. I have fewer blackheads and my skin seems rosier and healthier.

Who needs to buy expensive battery-operated gizmos or scratchy scrubs to clear off dead skin when this little wonder will give you the glow you need!?! The bristles are super soft and made of nylon so they dry very quickly. Beats the heck out of a yucky, old washcloth too.

So, head on down to Sephora and check out this brush. Just be careful of all the other fun products calling your name as you walk by. Don't blame me if you walk out of Sephora spending a heck of a lot more than $5. I warned you! :-)

Have a beautiful day,
HP Girl
Beauty Reporter

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Luxe Hair Products 2-for-1

Hello Beauty Junkies-

Well, it has been three months or so since I lost my job and I've just run out of my styling lotion. I was using an expensive one from my salon but there is no way I'm going to pay those prices again. And, of course, I refuse to give up my styling lotion altogether. For those of you, who like me, have frizzy or dry ends and need your hair to keep its shape all day, styling lotion is a must.

So, I headed out to one of my fav drugstores and found an awesome deal on Schwarzkopf's new line of hair products. They were having a 2-for-1 sale on this entire new line which has been advertising in Allure and Marie Claire. I got both the got2b Smooth Operator hairspray and lustre lotion for only $7.99. Even, if they hadn't been 2-for-1, it would have been an amazing score because both products are fabulous!

First, of all, they come in a cute can/bottle that is mauvish/goldish with a few little trinkets hanging from the top. Not necessarily my thing, but it does make the products seem a little more glamourous. The got2B smoothing lustre lotion shapes, smooths, controls fly-aways and imparts a weightless lustre and softness. An extra bonus is the product contains a UV protector so it is ideal for you sun-worshippers. The hairspray has a slightly sweet scent and holds with a touchable finish. No crunchy hair here!

Lastly, all I can say, is my teenage daughter actually complemented my hair after I finished styling with these products. That is an amazing testimony on its own. And by the way, she now loves the products too!

Here's to finding your own beauty bargains!
HP Girl

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mecca for Beauty Junkies

As you know, I usually single out just one or two products in my blog. But today I want to call out an awesome store and website for beauty junkies. It is called Ross Cosmetics and is located in Highland Park, Illinois on the North Shore of Chicago. The web address is The site is totally adorable so make sure you check it out!

There are several things that make Ross's (the store and the site) a Mecca. First of all, they have a HUGE selection of beauty products from mass brands like Maybelline and Revlon to high end skincare brands like Kinerase and Dermalogica. As the owner (and Beauty on the Cheap follower) Arden says, "If you can't find it here, you don't need it." Even better, all of their products are sold at a discount which, of course, appeals to the bargain hunter that I am.

And, if you prefer to spend your beauty dollars on your hair rather than your skin, Ross's can take care of you there too. They are known for their amazing selection of Curly Girl hair products which I'm told take you from frizzy to fabulous with one washing! All of their hair products are sold via special promotion which allows Ross's to pass along a great deal to their customers. You'll get the same product sold at your salon, but for less. Gotta love that!

So, next time you are surfing the web or cruising Highland Park, be sure to check out Ross Cosmetics. And stay tuned for more product reviews from other lines available there.

Till next time,
HP Girl
Beauty Reporter

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Get a Tan from a Can!

I haven't been able to stop thinking about how scary my white legs and arms are going to look in a swimsuit when I'm in Vegas in a couple of weeks. So, I decided the other day it was time to head to the drugstore to buy my favorite L'Oreal tanning towelettes. I couldn't find them anywhere on the shelf, so I asked the woman in the cosmetics department. Much to my dismay, she informed me that the product has been discontinued. How could they do that to me? Didn't EVERYBODY love those towelettes! They were easy to use: not messy, not stinky and left behind a nice even tan in a realistic color. Huge bummer. What is a pale girl to do?

Given my lack of success in the past with tanning foams, creams, lotions, I decided to try L'Oreal's new Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Airbruah Self-Tanning Mist. It came in different three different shades. Not being able to make such a monumental decision, I went with Medium. Sounds kind of boring, right? But, I have to say, the color actually gave my arms and legs a nice glow. I looked like I had some good color from the sun. I didn't look like a tanorexic either. Also a good thing.

The can is also easy to use. It has 360 degree continous spray providing "ultra even" application with no streaks. I can certainly vouch for that! At $8.99, it really is a good bargain....certainly cheaper than a spray tan at a salon or tanning salon. Most importantly, it is certainly more healthy than a tanning bed or a real tan. If I ever hear you are going to a tanning bed, my beauty junkie friends, I will have to come to your home and slap some sense into you! Since you don't want me to do that, please go buy this product and let me know how you like it!!