Thursday, March 26, 2009

Luxe Hair Products 2-for-1

Hello Beauty Junkies-

Well, it has been three months or so since I lost my job and I've just run out of my styling lotion. I was using an expensive one from my salon but there is no way I'm going to pay those prices again. And, of course, I refuse to give up my styling lotion altogether. For those of you, who like me, have frizzy or dry ends and need your hair to keep its shape all day, styling lotion is a must.

So, I headed out to one of my fav drugstores and found an awesome deal on Schwarzkopf's new line of hair products. They were having a 2-for-1 sale on this entire new line which has been advertising in Allure and Marie Claire. I got both the got2b Smooth Operator hairspray and lustre lotion for only $7.99. Even, if they hadn't been 2-for-1, it would have been an amazing score because both products are fabulous!

First, of all, they come in a cute can/bottle that is mauvish/goldish with a few little trinkets hanging from the top. Not necessarily my thing, but it does make the products seem a little more glamourous. The got2B smoothing lustre lotion shapes, smooths, controls fly-aways and imparts a weightless lustre and softness. An extra bonus is the product contains a UV protector so it is ideal for you sun-worshippers. The hairspray has a slightly sweet scent and holds with a touchable finish. No crunchy hair here!

Lastly, all I can say, is my teenage daughter actually complemented my hair after I finished styling with these products. That is an amazing testimony on its own. And by the way, she now loves the products too!

Here's to finding your own beauty bargains!
HP Girl


  1. Awesome column. Getting your teenager to compliment anything is amazing. Keep up the great reporting.

  2. the lustre lotion is great! I didn't know anything would control my flyaways. Thanks for the suggestion.