Monday, June 8, 2009

Foaming Face Wash by Bliss is Fabulous!

Dear Beauty Junkies:

Last month, I got an email from my favorite beauty mecca, Ross Cosmetics, in Highland Park, Illinois about a big promotion they were having on Bliss products.The timing couldn't have been better because I had run out of the sudsy face wash I had bought in Minnesota at a swanky spa. I didn't want to drop $35 to reorder, so I visited the beauty experts at Ross for a recommendation. Plus, there's something to be said for instant gratification. It's so hard to wait for a package to arrive in the mail!

All of the products at Ross Cosmetics are sold at 10% off so you'll always get a deal vs. the department stores. In addition to Bliss, they have several other lines to consider but I went with the Fabulous Foaming Face Wash from Bliss for a few reasons.

First of all, I wanted a sudsy cleanser that would work well with my miracle skin brush from Sephora. The pump top on the bottle makes it easy for me to dispense just the right amount. Even though I wanted a foaming cleanser, it needed to leave my skin clean and soft but not dry. Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash is made with rose hips, chamomile and passion flower to help calm the skin. As an extra bonus, the cleanser also has a gentle exfoliator so you can skip a step in your morning routine and save money too.

Of course, price is always important to this Beauty Reporter. With the 10% discount, the 6.6 oz bottle cost just under $20. Considering some of the prices on skincare at the drugstore these days, this isn't too much higher. Plus, it comes in a cute clear polka-dot bottle that shows off the pretty aqua-colored product.

Next time you visit Highland Park, be sure to stop by Ross Cosmetics to see their entire Bliss line. And tell them Beauty on the Cheap sent you!

Best Regards,
HP Girl
Beauty Reporter

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