Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Roll Away Wrinkles!

Hello fellow Beauty Junkies:

I'm sure you've probably seen the commercials for two Garnier products that include a built-in roller to apply the product. Well, since I am a sucker for gimmicks such as this, I decided to try them out. Besides, CVS had a "Buy One, Get One Free" sale on all Garnier a few weeks ago.

The first is the smaller lime green roller. It is called Skin Renew and is for under the eyes. The ball is metal so it feels nice and cold upon application. It is great for depuffing the eyes. Unfortunately, I have found that it doesn't work on my dark circles. However, if you tend to wake up with swollen eyes, then you will love this product. It is also handy to carry in your purse if allergies (or a tear-jerker movie) make you swell up.

The second is the Ultra-Lift Pro Deep Wrinkle Roller. It comes in a red bottle with a white, plastic roller. I have to say that I was disappointed it wasn't produced with the cold, metal roller as I think that would have been better. However, I am really loving this product so far. I've only used it for about ten days but I have noticed a little bit of improvement around my jaw line. This is my new area of consternation so I'm pleased to see some results.

The packaging for the Ultra Lift Pro says that you will feel your face and neck tightened and toned instantly. That seems a bit of an exaggeration to me, but like I said, I do see and feel a little something. Its just not instant. But what do you want for $8.99? You can't get face-lift miracles without a doctor. The box also says that your face will look firmer, more defined and have reduced deep wrinkles in four weeks. I'm buying the firmer and defined part due to the slight improvement I've seen in my aforementioned chin and neck area. I can't speak for the reduced deep wrinkles and truthfully I'm a bit skeptical.

Just remember to keep wearing your SPF products after any treatment and you will prevent new wrinkles!

Best Regards,
HP Girl
Beauty Reporter

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